About Us

Cotswolds Furniture Restoration is a specialist furniture restoration company which covers the whole of the Cotswolds areas.

The company can deliver a professional and qualified service to a varied client base, ranging from loss adjusters, antique dealers, polyester piano repairs, public house refurbishments to high profile domestic work. We can also offer furniture and insurance reports where necessary.

How it works ?

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The first step with any piece is to inspect any damage and the overall condition of the furniture. If it is portable and can be moved without damage.
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Transport/Work in-situ

If the piece needs to be transported, this will be arranged with removers experienced in transporting antique and delicate furniture. Alternatively, the work will commence in-situ at your home or business.
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For a full list of the renovation services provided by Cotswolds Furniture Restoration, please visit our service page.

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